29 Days of Self-Care Day Five: Ask Questions


29 Days of Self-Care Day Five

Ask questions.

Our world and the individuals that reside in them are complicated and curious things. With so many layers to diversify ourselves and others, it's astounding to us that so many people don't ask questions. Now, we don't mean the generic social plugs we utilize for social conduct; we mean real, in-depth and targeted questions. Questions that get beyond the superficial layers and into the core. Questions from which you learn from.

We have flashbacks to high school days where in class, it was terrifying to have to ask a question. Even if it were to understand the lesson being taught, we would keep quiet and pretend like we understood what was going on. We conducted these gross injustices against ourselves routinely to avoid drawing attention to ourselves. To present an image of cool and calm to those around us. Fundamentally we were ensuring failure in our ability to learn.

What a total waste.

We also look back at past interactions with others where our instincts told us something was off, but still didn't ask out of fear of offending or overstepping into someone's personal world. Only then to find out that all that person wanted (and needed) was for someone to care enough to ask. It's almost like we assume that by asking questions, we are being challenging or nosey. That it's a negative thing to do. But why? Why is it brushed with a negative tone?

How many times were you personally in need of someone to show genuine interest in you? How many times have you needed someone to care enough to go beyond the social plugs? Where you craved intimacy or relation?

Asking questions is not a bad thing. It shows you are genuinely interested in learning more. And guess what, THERE IS SO MUCH OUT THERE TO LEARN!

Opinions, perspectives, news, research and findings, every day new bouts of information is made accessible to us. Every day is an opportunity to peel back a layer of a person you care about. A chance for you to connect on a deeper level. A chance to develop a deeper understanding of life. Why would you deprive yourself (or others) of that?

Test yourself. Curious about a specific topic? Ask questions. Want to learn more about a person in your life? Ask questions. Keep asking questions until you understand. Then ask more. Dive into the core of someone. Learn about what makes that person tick, about what they are working through, or what makes them who they are. Create the opportunity for sharing. Share back. Connect. The more we learn, the better we come, and the more enriched our lives become.
Thanks for reading amigos, stay tuned for DAY SIX of our 29 Days of Self-Care Series!



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