29 Days of Self-Care Day Four: Celebrate


29 Days of Self-Care Day Four:

Birthdays (both human and furchild), anniversaries, promotions, completions of  projects, conquering a personal challenge... The list can go on and on.

Life provides us with so many reasons to celebrate yet we resist. Framed with a sense of judgment and/or ego we are asked (or ask): Is it essential to celebrate your dogs birthday by throwing a doggo birthday bash with all the neighborhood pups (and their parents) complete with cake and party hats? HECK YES, IT IS!

Why do we view this as a form of Self-Care?

Life is full of ups and downs, trips and jumps, successes and failures. Every day can bring a new challenge, a new task to complete. We spend so much of our time and energy hustling through each challenge that by the time success or even the resolution of the conflict is accomplished, we are drained and already focusing on the next fire to fight. What we forget though, is that when we celebrate, we feed our souls. We nourish and replenish our energy. We acknowledge that we worked hard at something and accomplished it. When you deprive yourself of that, where is the joy or moment of pause to reflect on what you just did? The acknowledgment of struggle and hard work you just turned into a positive outcome? Why is it so hard for us to celebrate our wins?

When we live life like this, we end up losing track of all these fantastic and precious moments. Soon years fly by, and when you do look back and realize how much has happened, you recognize how much growth and accomplishment that has come and gone. Consider the people that played a role in those moments. Loved ones who have also come and gone. Moments and memories that can never be reclaimed or recreated, barely noticed when they occurred. Time is uncontrollable. One moment you or someone you care for can be here, the next gone. Births, successes, all the moments that could have (may even be needed) to be celebrated, gone forever. How does this affect you?

Test yourself. Next time you accomplish (or take part in) a win take a moment and celebrate. Notice every detail and feeling, and honor the work that was put into it. Don't set yourself up to look back on your life with regret or remorse. Seize and celebrate every win, big and small, and embrace those who took part in them. Practice presence. Practice appreciation. Practice reflection. And live your life respecting time.


Thanks for reading amigos, stay tuned for DAY FIVE of our 29 Days of Self-Care Series!



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