29 Days of Self-Care DAY NINE: SNUGGLE


29 Days of Self-Care DAY NINE: SNUGGLE

Did you know that our skin is one of the most impactful organs (and most significant in size) in our body? A highly tuned-in sensation detector, our skin is one of the most potent self-care tools of our body. How? Because of the power in touch and its effects on our bodies and minds.

Touch releases oxytocin (a hormone that helps our heart and helps us connect to the stimuli in our lives), decreases cortisol (the stress hormone that can cause anxiety and can lead to some serious health concerns) and creates dopamine (the happy/pleasure hormone essential in for healthy brain chemistry and mood). When we experience touch, our skin reacts in a hugely positive way that affects every other aspect of our body and mindset. With this knowledge in mind, we have one of the most powerful ways to alleviate stress and anxiety in our bodies just by snuggling with a loved one.

When you have a terrible day, merely hugging a loved one can chemically heal you. Sharing snuggles with your loved one daily can drastically lower your stress levels and increase a happy and healthy mindset. Holding hands, patting someone on the back, getting a massage, lighting brushing your fingers against someone's arm; all these little actions can pack a big punch.

Test this tip. Next time you feel anxious or overwhelmed, ask your partner (or friend) to rub your hand or back. Get a massage. Draw figure eights on your forearm. Get Snuggily. Your body and mind will thank you!

Thanks for reading amigos, stay tuned for DAY TEN of our 29 Days of Self-Care Series!



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