29 Days Of Self-Care DAY TWENTY-NINE: BE YOU.


29 Days Of Self-Care DAY TWENTY-NINE: BE YOU.

So, today's the day. Big 30. The close of another decade and the start of a new.

I woke up this morning with a comfortable sense of acceptance. You assume when you're younger that hitting these types of milestones must be traumatic. While some might be, age isn't.

Even though I am no longer in my twenties, I am still Kris. I am still authentically me. If anything, with age I've become much more rooted in who I am. More at ease with all my faults and all my flaws. I accept that I can be complicated, stubborn, non-emotional to all of a sudden feeling internal emotional fireworks without notice. I'm comfortable with my hyperfocus, determination, discipline, honesty, and drive. I'm good with my natural bitchy resting face and mono communication style that can sometimes confuse others on how I feel (even when I think I'm very obvious). I'm overall comfortable with me.

I feel so much gratitude.
Not too long ago I had a pretty scary near-death experience, and the huge gift I received from it was that when I faced the finality of death, I felt ZERO regret. All I felt as I quickly sent goodbye love messages to my family was how lucky I was to have had all that I had, experience all that I had experienced, and how privileged I was for my life. Then I accepted that it could be my end, and although I was scared and crying, I fundamentally felt a deep sense of calm and acceptance. That's a pretty huge moment (a gift really) for someone 29turning30.

Not many people can say this and because I know this, there is not a moment that goes by where I don't embrace and appreciate that gift.

So let me wrap this 29th day of self-care with these messages: Live your life authentically. Speak your truth, stand your ground, tackle the shit out of your goals and seize every single moment that makes you happy. Never settle for less, never dim your light out of fear or insecurities, never allow anyone to treat you less than you deserve, KNOW what you deserve and ALWAYS strive to live every moment to it's absolute best.

We've got one life to live and with no exact idea as to when the finish line may pop up. Don't risk regret because of fear or self-doubt. You deserve to be astoundingly happy, so make it happen.

Thank you all for following me on this self-care journey, I appreciate every piece of support and feedback you have provided and thank you all for being a part of my world. Mucho Amore amigos ❤️.

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