29 Days of Self-Care DAY SEVENTEEN: Set Realistic Goals.


29 Days of Self-Care DAY SEVENTEEN: Set Realistic Goals.
Set Realistic Goals.

We've all done it. Set unreasonably high expectations of ourselves or others only to be disappointed when we unavoidably fail. Why do we do this to ourselves and others? Setting ourselves up for inevitable failure is a surefire way to discourage ourselves from trying again. And what happens if we give up? We never achieve our best selves.

One thing we drill home to ourselves and clients is to set small, realistically achievable goals. From jumping across a line to jumping a 60inch plyo box- you have to give yourself a standing (or jumping) chance.

When we set ourselves up for failure, we create a negative association to the task we are trying to accomplish, when in reality, we should be aiming to develop goals that we can push ourselves (with reason and logic) towards a better purpose. To successfully do that, we need to be able to achieve smaller steps. Achieve self-belief and confidence. When babies are born, we don't expect them to walk and talk right away like a ten-year-old child would. When someone has been in a significant accident, we don't expect them to simply walk it off. We use our sense of understanding and compassion to recognize that they are working against their own uncontrollable limitations. So why don't we apply this understanding to ourselves?

Test yourself. Review (or create) some personal goals. Then consider whether or not they are reasonably attainable. You know your limitations, and you know in your gut what you can reasonably push yourself to do. Do these goals work within that? If not, how can you alter them so that they are?

Start small and push through. When you accomplish one goal, celebrate and set the next. Always look to progress forward. When we have a sense of purpose, we have a sense of self - and that is one of the most critical parts of learning who we are. Never doubt how wildly capable you are.

Thanks for reading amigos, stay tuned for DAY EIGHTEEN of our 29 Days of Self-Care Series!



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