Many of us have a goal or dream we wish to achieve, be it physically, emotionally, mentally, but we don't alway have the confidence to attempt it. Why?

Fear. Fear of failure, fear of being shamed, fear of being judged.
Here's the thing though- people are going to judge us no matter what we do (or don't do). Why should you give them that power over you? Who are they (really) to you and how do they (really) effect your life? They don't. No one does. Only you make your choices. Only you have to live with the outcome. People can influence, but should never decide for you. Your life is YOURS to live. So why be afraid? Whats the worst that could happen? If at first you don't succeed, then try again. AND AGAIN. AND AGAIN!

Dont stop pushing forward until you SUCCEED. And kick fear to the curb.

Photo: @alyssacdawson

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