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Hi. I'm Kris.

Muerto Fitness is a company I started because I wanted to help people. And the reason why I want to help is that I've been there. And if any of my past experiences can help you, I want to.

I started on my health journey about 14 years ago after a major car accident that left me with permanent damage and lifelong rehabilitation. I have a two-inch labral tear in my hip that went undiagnosed throughout my adolescent years, causing significant muscular imbalance and chronic pain. I developed osteoarthritis, calcification, costochondritis, and extremely damaged myofascia. I put on weight I couldn't shake. My hormones and stress went through the roof. I've had multiple surgeries with both positive and negative results. During this process, I kept getting frustrated at how lacking and disjointed the health care system was. How fragmented the rehabilitation was. If you don't have the extra cash to cover, well, you're Shit Outta luck. Don't have medical benefits? Too bad. Some said I would never get better, others said I should 'walk it off' and some warned me of the quality of life I would have as I age. That one hit home. Think about that: having your surgeon tell you at 16 that more than likely you won't be able to walk at 40, let alone get pregnant and carry a child is a real wake-up call. It forced me to think ahead. Ok, so I'm 16 now- not that into having kids at the moment, but wait, I won't be able to walk? What about when I do want to have kids... What will I be able to do then? I had to have micro-surgeries every 6 months and each time after would become more and more painful in my recovery. Eventually, at 23 years old, my surgeon told me that I needed a full hip replacement but that at my age, it wouldn't be a smart move (hip replacements only last about 15 years and each recovery process is harder on the body to recoup from). Instead, he wanted to do a more invasive cleanup surgery on my hip but it would take some significant recovery time and work before I would start to feel better- and even that would still remain temporary until the full replacement.

I was fed up. I needed to feel like I could take some control back in both my body and my life. The pain was too much and the constant feeling of being caged in my own body was emotionally and psychologically breaking me down. Things needed to change, and I couldn't trust in the doctors to make it happen for me. I began to research about fascia and chronic pain release. I focused on learning proper form and weight-bearing exercises to build stability and strength. I starting working out regularly and playing with strength programs. I hired specialists and learned from them. I started attending workshops and functions to hear from the experts. Any knowledge or opportunity I could get to learn, I took. Then something amazing happened. The more I worked and learned, the more pain started to fade away. Migraines were less often. Everyday activities started to feel less risky. I was able to walk without my hip painfully popping out. I started to run without my knees locking and shins aching. I could jump (baby steps in the process obviously, but more and more I was able to play) without pulling a superman on the sidewalk. Life started to feel fun. I didn't feel trapped in my pain. I started to feel alive.

Photograph by Alyssa Dawson Photography

Nothing can change that feeling. The conquering of your own fears and imposed limitations (I will NOT be wheelchair bound by 40, thank you!) and started (gently and with education) pushing my own boundaries. I've yet to stop.

Today, I am a different person than when I first started. I am grateful for every pain and challenge I broke through. It made me become aware. It reconnected me to me. It showed me what I was capable of.

I strive to bring that into my client's lives. If I can help, even just a little bit, in them facing and defeating their own challenges, then my heart is full. I've shared what I've learned.

That is why I am a personal trainer. That's why I do what I do.

Photograph by Alyssa Dawson Photography

Let's break down those walls together. I believe in you because I've been there too and if I can do it... So can you.

Now let's get started.


*Photography by Alyssa Dawson Photography

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