NEW YEARS RESOLUTIONS: 3 easy tips to keep in mind to make resolutions you can actually honour.

Tips and Tricks

Well, its that time of year again. The end of a calendar year, and the beginning of a new. Many of us utilize this time to reflect on the past challenges and accomplishments, as well as a time to identify/set new goals and ambitions. Our new New Year Resolutions!
The key to making these new goals is to make them actually achievable. It's really easy to get too 'big picture' on a goal and underestimate the work that might need to go into crossing off that task- often setting ourselves up for failure before we even leave the start line. These goals are especially difficult to keep when they revolve around a work/life balance and restrictions. With these challenges in mind, and with our own personal experience, we made a quick list of guidelines to consider when you plan your resolutions.

KEEP IT SIMPLE. It takes 21 days of consistently doing something to build it into your habits, so when you are wanting to change things up, keep the task super simple and clear. You will have a higher chance of making it to day 22!



START SMALL. BHAGs, aka Big Hairy Audacious Goals, are wonderful tools for when it comes to making the long term goals, but they are made of smaller steps to get you there. Think of it as a step by step plan to accomplishing your BHAGs, but with clear smaller actions.  

Example: You want to get your daily recommended intake of h2o? Start with having a goal of drinking one full glass right when you wake. This will build into your habits and you'll find that keeping to your bigger goal becomes much easier and manageable. 


ACCOUNTABILITY. It's REALLY easy to fall off your resolutions when no one around you knows them. Having a friend, coach, spouse or family member tagged in as a accountability buddy will help you hold up to your responsibilities when you know they are watching your progress. It also helps them when you know theirs - lean on each other to get you both to your goals!


With these easy 3 tips, you are guaranteed to accomplish what you set out for! Get specific and have fun - this next year is yours to conquer! 



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