REAL TALK: 2017-What a year.


Wow. What a whirlwind of a year, 2017 has been such a blessing.

  • turned 29
  • celebrated 9 years with my husband
  • achieved my ACE Personal Trainer Certification
  • launched MUERTO FITNESS and continue to grow my full-time small business
  • went on a Caribbean Cruise, Toronto and Mexico with my family
  • lost the matriarch of my family, Grandma Charlie
  • strengthened my family bonds
  • conquered some of the hardest challenges I have ever experienced  
  • embraced fear
  • embraced risk
  • embraced total lack of control
  • learned more about how resilient I can truly be


With every year, I am made aware of how much depth my life can change. I went into 2017 with what I thought were big objectives; make more money, define my career, expand my health, work towards my definition of 'success'. What I actually gained was so much more. The thing about life is that nothing is set in stone. Nothing goes exactly to plan. But that is where the beauty of it, life, is. The more I ride the roller coaster, the more I realize how small our perspective is. We are truly capable of achieving anything we want, if we really want it. Nothing is incapable of happening. Seriously.  

We get so caught up with the idea of 'following the guideline' of what we are supposed to do in our life. Get career, find partner, get married, buy house, have 1.5 kids, etc. But Life just doesn't happen that way! The whole point of facing challenges or restrictions is to learn something (at least, this is how we personally view it) because then you learn through the struggle what you truly want verses what you thought you wanted. It provides clarity. It expands your sight. You see things you didn't see before and you see yourself differently then before... and isn't that really worth everything?


So…Whats next?

Now Im focusing on my career. Planning my next level of accomplishments for my small businesses. Planning for this new space I feel shifting free within me, allowing me to step into a part of myself that I never really knew caged. Planning my next stage of life – the life I unexpectedly became able to live within a moment (did we skip a bunch of steps here universe? Not complaining!). Throwing aside all the preconceived expectations of what I should be doing and instead listening to what I truly want to do. Our lives are no ones to live but our own. So do what makes you truly happy! Take those risks, learn those lessons and expand who you are and what you think you are capable of. Dream big and make them into your reality.

Wishing you all a wonderful close to 2017 and all you dream and more for 2018!



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