REAL TALK: Transformation


(Second person on the left - me 6 years ago
photos by Patrick Parenteau)
(My twin sister Sara and I around the same time)
(me on halloween this year, 2017)

Subtle change. Needless to say... I look a bit different.

I didn't realize how much of a change there had been until I was scrolling through my past images on the hunt for something unrelated and I landed on this. It actually took me a second to recognize myself.

For those of you who may not know my background story, I was in a fairly significant car accident when I was younger that left me with some permanent damage. Because of these injuries, I was prohibited in doing any type of physical activity (aside from walking) until I could complete some minor surgeries and a ton of rehabilitation. Now, after the surgeries and years of  intensive (and painfully slow) rehab, I am finally at a point where I can run, skip and play without as much pain and my functional movement is at the best I can ever remember. Becoming a professional trainer just supported those successes.

In many ways, everything I learn is for my own benefit (selfish I know) and the more I learn through my career will only benefit me and my clients more and more.

This change is just the starting point for me. Since I will require more invasive surgeries further down the road, my quality of life (long term) is very much dependent upon what I can do NOW, especially as my injuries age and settle. Physical activity, adventures, conscious movement and health are the number one priorities till I am old and grey. After all, you've only got one body... and that baby has to last till the very end. 

(This past year, 2017 at a family wedding)

If done properly and safely, the process is slow but consistent and these photos are proof that in time, you WILL create change. 

Keep pushing forward amigos, every step is a step closer to your best self- and who doesn't want that!






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