BEAUTY TALK: Oily Grandmas


Finding natural (and inexpensive) all-around beauty product can be really, really difficult. The most interesting thing is that most of the time you have no idea where to look. The only trusted source seem to be your mom, grandma and great-grandma, who all seem to already know all of the best kept secrets and tricks. The things they know that have been proven time and time again, over YEARS and tend to end up being passed down, generation to generation.
One secret I was on the hunt for, was a natural product that would help me grow back my over-plucket eyebrows (thank you high school and old scars) and stress-pulled eyelashes without having to go to the more chemical route that often come with unproven side effects (and can leave a pretty large dent in your wallet).
Heres what I found:
Castor oil (typically known for being a natural stimulant and detoxifying laxative) was mentioned to me by a few of my trusted beauty elders. For some reason (and feel free to google it), Castor Oil has been proven to increase healthy hair growth for your eyebrows, lashes AND head of hair, with no real negative side effects. I tested this rumour and low and behold, it really is true!
1- Completely wash and gently dry entire face.
2- take a clean mascara wand, and lightly dip into the oil
3- brush wand over eyebrows, including the spots you wish to grow,
4- lightly brush wand over your lashes
5- let oil absorb for at least 30 mins before going to sleep to ensure your skin and hair follicles absorb
6- repeat every night until desired results occur
Another great tip – Mix Castor oil, Coconut Oil and Olive Oil into a container, and put into dry hair as a mask- let sit for 30-45 mins and shampoo out – Hellooooo Super sleek and healthy hair!
Where to purchase Castor Oil:
London Drugs/Shoppers Drug Mart – avrg price $6
Whole Foods – avrg price $12 for LARGE container

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