About Us

Kris McKenna-Dabiri was born and raised in the beautiful city of Vancouver, British Columbia, and has always been inspired by the diversity of people and beauty that reside there. She is an outgoing, open-minded and strong-willed individual who enjoys expanding her knowledge and facing new challenges.

Photography by Alyssa Dawson

Kris co-founded and operated Social City Networking INC. alongside her identical twin sister, Sara Rose McKenna, for 6 years and is constantly involved with creative and motivating projects to further explore and grow the sense of community. Kris also partnered to a SaaS project, as well as co-founded two charity organizations, Team Awesome & Get Warm Project. Kris works full-time as a ACE Certified Health Coach, Behavioural Change Specialist & ACE Personal Trainer. Currently, she is practicing as well as always expanding within the health and wellness community through her company, Muerto Fitness. Her career goals include expanding her experience by working with experts and mentors, aiding in facilitating transformational change with her clients, and eventually, creating a welcoming space to tie both her experience and knowledge together with her community.  Kris thrives in social initiatives as well as community outreach and is an active and passionate member of her community.

Photo By Alyssa Dawson

Currently working Monday to Friday with weekends designated to family time.
Favourite to train: Legs
Fitness goals: to be a ninja.
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