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Mama Lupe's Tortillas (10 pack)

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Mama Lupe's Tortillas - 10 pack

IMPORTANT: Mama Lupe Tortillas are stable at room temperature for approximately 3 -4 weeks. Please store at cool temperatures or in the freezer for a longer storage period.

Mama Lupe's Tortillas are delicious. Mama Lupe's taste just like regular restaurant tortillas. Use Mama Lupe's Tortillas to make a snack or meal. Make a breakfast burrito or replace bread in your favorite sandwich.

However you use Mama Lupe's Tortillas, you are sure to enjoy them.

Packaged in a resealable bag: 10 tortillas, net weight 12.5 oz (360g).

Please note that the six-digit number printed on the bag is the manufacture code/date, NOT an expiry date.

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