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Miracle Noodles - Garlic and Herb Fettuccine Pasta

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Miracle Noodles - Garlic and Herb Fettuccine Pasta

Instantly ready Miracle Noodles are the perfect replacement for regular high carbohydrate noodles & pasta. With almost no calories and carbs, they are the perfect addition to your kitchen.

Made with Glucomannan, widely used in Asia with very low carb and glycemic index, Miracle Noodles can help make you feel full faster. Miracle Noodles can also reduce the glycemic index of your meal, which is great for those who hope to control their blood sugar level, even for diabetics.

Preparation is easy!

1. Open the bag of noodles or rice and empty contents into a colander draining the water that the noodles are packed in. Rinse the noodles thoroughly in cool water for one minute.

2. Bring a fresh pot of water to boil, add a sprinkling of salt, then add noodles or rice. Boil for 2-4 minutes.

3. Drain in a colander, squeeze out excess water with a small hand towel, cut with scissors into smaller pieces (for the noodles) and then add to your favorite dish.

4. The noodles or rice can be heated in the dish that you are making or served cold. They can be baked, stir-fried or boiled in soup and will retain their noodle and rice texture.

This product does not require refrigeration. Do not put in the freezer. This product has a shelf life of up to 12 months in the pantry. Observe best before the date on the package.

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